22 June 2011  | Events
EduGIS Academy - report from the conference "GIS in schools".
The conference to be held on 10 June summed the EduGIS Academy Project up. Teachers of nature science and employees of nationals parks gathered at Warsaw to discussed theirs experiences at GIS subject.
The list of the speaker-guests included representatives from Warsaw Uniwersity, Cosmic Survey Centre, European Association of Geographers. The opening speech belongs to dr Witold Lenart (Warsaw Uniwersity) who encouraged teachers to use GIS tools in their work with students which has great meaning for teaching effectiveness. The participants of the meeting had also an opportunities to know the results of the EduGIS Academy Project which were in example: lesson’s scripts, education databases dedicated for teachers, sources of special database, GIS softwear, application of web-GIS ect.
During internet connection Karl Donert (Digital-earth.eu coordinator and the President of European Association of Geographers) invited Polish teachers to global network for promotion of GIS development.
The important thing is that everyone who is interested in GIS tools and knowledge can visit the website www.edugis.pl which contains e-learning course or lesson’s scripts includes geoinformation aspects.
In few weeks it would be publish (also at website above) the handbook for the teachers as a final and summerize of the EduGIS Academy Project.
The conference to be held on 10 June summed the EduGIS Academy Project up. Teachers of nature science and employees of nationals parks gathered at Warsaw to discuss their experiences at GIS subject.
20 June 2011  | Events
Welcome to the gallery

Because the EduGIS Academy project has come to a successful end, we publish some pictures that show various stages of our work.

Please, take a look.

07 June 2011  | For teachers
Movies from workshops in Norway
In the for teacher section we released videos from the workshops of EduGIS working group in Norway. All interested are invited to get familiar with the materials!
05 March 2011  | Events
The Norwegian EduGIS Group visit in Warsaw
warsztatyThe workshop to be held on 8-10 March 2011 in Warsaw will have a guest group of teachers and pupils from schools in Gjovik and Gausdal, with whom we met at a workshop in Norway in December last year. 
04 March 2011  | Events
GIS and ICT in Norwegian schools - report from the workshop of the EduGIS Working Group in Gjøvik

From the beginning of December, the EduGis Working Group went for searching of winter to cold Norway. On 5-9 December 2010, we was a guests on workshops, at a partner institution of the "EduGIS Academy",  at the University of Gjøvik. We also visited a high school in Gjøvik. The main objective of trip was to exchange experience with geospatial technologies and ICT in science education.

15 November 2010  | Events
Announcement of workshops in Norway
On December 4-8, 2010 a workshops of EduGIS Working Group in Norway will be held . At the meeting with project EduGIS partners  - Gjøvik University team and cooperating Norway teachers we will replace experience of using GIS in education.

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