Workshops in Norway
04 December 2010
Meeting with project partner - University of Gjøvik and cooperating schools in Gjøvik and Lillehammer will be held on 4-8 December (Departure on Saturday - back on Wednesday). The workshop aim is to exchange experience between the Poland and Norway in the field of using geoinformation technology and ICT in school practice. In the workshop programm (please note that for organizational reasons, it may be subject to minor changes) provides, inter alia part of the Working Group EduGIS a lesson conducted by the Norwegian teachers, but also a discussion on the conditions (both legal and technical and organizational) implementation of GIS and ICT in schools in Poland and Norway.
During the workshop the task of the Working Group members will include, among others:
a) presentation of the Norwegian teachers in two selected scenarios,
b) participation in such discussions on the Polish model lesson plans, which apply when planning lessons.
Until October 22, please send the declaration of the workshop.
Of course, both in preparing for the workshop, and during their course to help you. In the short time of the creation of the English-language page, which probably facilitate the preparatory work. Still on the project we hope to replace before you leave feedback on GIS skills with colleagues from Norway.

Please, take a look at the photos from the visit in the gallery. 
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