Lesson scenarios- junior high school

Lesson scenarios (a.k.a. lesson plans) are scripts assisting the teachers in their class work,facilitating planning, preparation and carrying out lessons with students. These scriptsallow to verify whether all essential elements of a lesson are appropriately exposed, andat the same time allow for quick modifications (e.g. by removing unnecessary elementsand introducing new ones) in order to adapt the lesson to the knowledge and skills of thestudents with whom the teacher is currently working.

Undoubtedly, an important role of the scenarios lies also in their facilitating communicationbetween teachers, and in the exchange of ideas on how to organize interesting,extraordinary and inspiring lessons. For this reason, preparation of exemplary scenariosfor geography and biology lessons that include information-communication technologies(ICT) and geoinformation (Geographic Information Systems – GIS) was one of the keyactivities carried out by the EduGIS Working Group. We wanted to show the educatorswho are just starting their adventure with modern technologies in environmental educationthat this road can be not only easy and enjoyable, but above all very fascinating.Especially if we actively engage the students through taking an appropriate educational approach.
Theory and practice. Commentary to biology and geography lesson scenarios
We invite you to familiarize with article, which is a summary of the presented scenarios.

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